RTA Wash - HVAIS Wash

One of the most common problems with other truck washes or DIY jobs is that over time, dirt, grease and debris become more permanent and harder to wash off. This causes areas to be missed, that are required to pass the RTA inspection. An RTA Inspection requires a premium wash not only in and around the truck but also under the engine and shaft where it is often missed.

At Eagle Truck Wash our RTA wash is second to none. RTA registration wash is one of our specialities. We use high-pressure steam to clean off truck chassis as well as other spot checks and cleans in areas required, to ensure the truck is properly cleaned for Road and Traffic Authority (RTA) inspection.

According to the points listed on the RMS website“The vehicle must be clean, especially underneath, so that the examiner can thoroughly inspect it” (point 11 under Preparing your vehicle for inspection).

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In accordance to NSW heavy vehicle registration policy (HVAIS), your truck should be clean and visible around and under the truck to identify any leaks or hazards. All components need to be visible for a successful inspection for the registration of your heavy vehicle.

Having the RTA Wash done right first time means a pass for you and another successful job for us.

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